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01 Jan

Last Resorts

Cuba’s socialist economy relies on tourism, which was ramped up out of necessity following the collapse of the U.S.S.R., but foreign dollars are creating a new class of Cubans The faded photograph at Havana’s Museum of the Revolution shows a group of Americans in 1950s-style bathing suits relaxing on a white-sand beach. The picture illustrates, […]

01 May

Farming It Out

We promise guest workers many of the benefits Canadian citizens enjoy–until something goes wrong It was the Thursday before Easter that Henk Sikking Jr. got the doctor’s call. The 28-year-old tulip farmer was getting ready to take his crew of Mexican migrant workers grocery shopping. The workers live on his property and get around with […]

27 Apr

Carlos Pasten

On the night that Carlos was born, his father, Urbano, walked to the nearest town, Pampa Union, in order to register his son. On his journey through the desert, he came upon a large black dog, red-eyed and wearing a gold chain, wandering through the dunes. Urbano thought he had seen the devil. Carlos grew […]