Articles in peer-reviewed journals

Amuchastegui, M., Birch, K., & Kaltenbrunner, W. (2023). The intersections between sociology and STS: A Big Data approach. Sociological Perspectives.
Kaltenbrunner, W., Birch, K., Amuchastegui, M., & van Leeuwen, T. (2022). Changing Publication Practices and the Typification of the Journal Article in Science & Technology Studies. Social Studies of Science, 52(5), 758–782.
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Amuchastegui, M. (2019). Women and Children Only: María Teresa Saleme and the Feminization of Dentistry in Argentina. Journal of the History of Dentistry, 67(3), 125–134. Available at


Selected reviews

Amuchastegui, M. (2022). Review of Logical Skills: Social-Historical Perspectives, edited by Julie Brumberg-Chaumont and Claude Rosental. Science and Technology Studies, 35(3), 92-94.
Amuchastegui, M. Review of Les sciences et les techniques, laboratoire de l’Histoire, edited by Liliane Hilaire-Pérez and Catherine Lanoë. Tecnoscienza: Italian Journal of Science and Technology Studies [forthcoming]
Amuchastegui, M. Review of The Most Hated Man on the Internet, directed by Rob Miller, Surveillance Studies [forthcoming]


Selected conference papers

Amuchastegui, M. (2022, December). Provincializing Numeration: Caramuel and Indigenous Mathematical Knowledge. 2022 4S Conference, Cholula, Mexico.
Amuchastegui, M., Birch, K., & Kaltenbrunner, W. (2022, July 8). Commercial data analytics tools: Politico-economic, epistemic and ontological implications. EASST Conference, Madrid, Spain.
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Amuchastegui, M. (2021, May 29). The Discovery of Binary Numeration: Leibniz, Caramuel, and the New World. CSHPS Annual Conference.
Amuchastegui, M. (2018, Sept 27). “María Teresa Saleme and Female Dentists of Argentina.” American Academy of the History of Dentistry. 67th Annual Meeting. Toronto.
Amuchastegui, M. (2018, Oct 13). “The ethics of crowdsourced knowledge: the case of online health reviews.” 2018 Liberal Arts & Sciences Interdisciplinary Conference. Humber College.